Holy Ghost Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Church
Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of the USA - Diocese of Johnstown
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Services for the Week

Great Vespers  -  Saturday 6:30 pm

Divine Liturgy  -   Sunday    9:30 am

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Transfuration/St Emilian

         The hymns at Vespers today speak of the sun appearing dim compared to the divine light of the Transfiguration. In His compassion for humanity, Christ took on mortal flesh, yet Peter, James and John saw the radiance of His glory. The incarnate Lord “made Adam’s darkened image to shine again” when He appeared on earth “arrayed in the original beauty of the Image (Genesis 1:26).



St Emilian the Confessor, Bishop of Cyzicus

Saint Emilian, Bishop of Cyzikus, lived during the reign of the Iconoclast emperor Leo the Armenian (813-820). He was summoned together with other bishops to the court of the emperor, who insistently urged the bishops to refrain from the veneration of holy icons. St Emilian was the first to tell the emperor firmly that the question of the veneration of holy icons ought to be discussed and decided only within the Church by its spiritual leaders, and not at the imperial court. In the year 815 he was sent to prison for the Orthodox Faith, where he died as a confessor.

Annual Animal Blessing

Annual Animal Blessing at Holy Ghost Orthodox Church

Saturday September 17, 2016:

Regristration: 10:30am, Moleben to Saint Mammas: 11:00am